Public Parks and Venues

Due to Hurricane Michael, our waterways and parks have suffered significant damage. Currently, most public venues are not fully operational. The City is in the process of recovering and rebuilding these areas for residents and visitors to enjoy once again.

Municipal Park - OPEN
Municipal Park, located in the center of town, offers a playground, tennis courts, shuffle ball courts, picnic areas and restroom facilities.

Canal Park
Rebuilding of the docks is complete and boat slips are available for rent. The utility pedestals are also repaired and operational. To rent a boat slip, please contact Mr. John Lee, Mexico Beach Harbor Master, at 850-527-7147. With some construction work continuing along the canal, renters must be able to move their boats with short notice. Below are the current rentals rates:

Daily Fee$2.00/foot
Weekly Fee$11.00/foot
Monthly Fee$22.00/foot
Annual Fee$150.00/foot
Mexico Beach Boat Ramp
The boat ramp is fully operational. The fee is $10 per day or $100 for an annual pass. There is no charge for property owners and residents, but an annual pass decal is required. Annual passes can be obtained at City Hall during normal business hours and can be purchased by cash, check or credit card.

The City Pier offers areas for fishing and places to just sit and enjoy the beautiful view. Restrooms facilities are also available. There is no charge for fishing or visiting our pier. Click here to review canal rules.

Sunset Park is located right on the beach and offers picnic areas and plenty of parking. Restrooms facilities are also available. Click here to review beach rules.

Under the Palms Park is located on the east end of town. The park includes a walking path and playground.

Bird Sanctuary
Mexico Beach has been designated as a bird sanctuary.

Killing and molesting birds prohibited
Unlawful to hunt, kill, maim or trap, hunt with slingshot, gun or attempt to in any manner shoot or otherwise molest birds or any wild fowl, to rob or otherwise molest the nests or birds nesting while located within the City.

Birds constituting nuisance
If starlings or other similar birds are found roosting, nesting, or inhabiting any locality within the City in such numbers as to constitute a nuisance or health menace to persons or property, it shall be the duty of the City council to notify representatives of the Audubon Society, Garden Club, Birdwatchers Club or Humane Society. If condition not eliminated by representatives of the above named organizations within reasonable time, then the City shall take whatever action it deems necessary to eliminate such condition or health menace.

Doves and pigeons
It shall be unlawful of any person to keep or harbor on any premises in the city any doves or pigeons, other than homing or carrier pigeons, unless the same shall be confined in cages or coops or in such other manner as will prevent them from flying or straying beyond the premises on which they are kept.

Law enforcement officers and other persons authorized by the City shall be authorize to capture or to kill any doves or pigeons that may be found beyond the premises where are kept.

Protect the Turtles
Mexico Beach is proud to provide the highest level of protection for nesting marine turtles and their hatchlings in our community. The City has adopted standards for existing artificial light sources and new coastal construction. In addition to these standards, there are many steps visitors and residents alike can take when enjoying our beaches to protect these beautiful creatures.
  • Don't disturb a turtle that is crawling to or from the ocean or laying eggs. Watch from a distance of at least 30 feet
  • Avoid shining lights on the beach at night as this may frighten away nesting females and, interfere with the hatchlings ability to find the sea
  • Avoid walking or cycling in nesting area
  • Avoid walking on the beach dunes
  • Don't disturb nesting seabirds
  • Don't litter. Cigarette butts, fishing line and other trash can harm the animals and birds along the beach
  • Rearrange lamps and other moveable fixtures away from windows
  • Use window treatments (e.g. blinds, curtains) to shield interior lights from the beach
  • Turn off unnecessary lights