City Council
The City of Mexico Beach is governed by the City Council which consists of five members, a Mayor and four Council members, all elected at large. The Council passes ordinances, adopts resolutions, adopts the City's budget and sets the policies for the operation of the city government. The administrative responsibility of the City rests with the City Administrator who is appointed by and works directly for the City Council.

Elections are held annually in April with the Mayor and Council Groups 2 and 3 elections in odd years and Council Groups 4 and 5 in even years.

Mayor Al Cathey, Group 1
Two-year term ends May 2021
Phone: (850) 227-8623
Email: a.cathey@mexicobeachgov.com
Jerry Smith, Group 2
Term Ends May 2021
Email: j.smith@mexicobeachgov.com
Bobby Pollock, Group 3
Term Ends May 2021
Email: b.pollock@mexicobeachgov.com

Jerry Wallace, Group 4
Term ends May 2020
Phone: (850) 227-6525
Email: j.wallace@mexicobeachgov.com
Rex Putnal, Group 5
Term ends May 2020
Phone: (912) 223-7594
Email: r.putnal@mexicobeachgov.com

Andy Anderson, City Administrator
The City Administrator is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the City, ensuring that the City is run efficiently and economically and advises the City Council when requested.

Phone: (321) 749-2916
Email: a.anderson@mexicobeachgov.com

Jenny Myrick
The City Clerk's Office is responsible for the preparation of minutes of meetings, providing complete and accurate information, preserving the records of the City, and maintaining a professional level of service in all phases of operation.

Phone: (850) 648-5700
Email: j.myrick@mexicobeachgov.com