Common Code Violations

The Office of Code Enforcement will enforce the following violation types:
Nuisances, Unlawful Accumulations, and Growth may be a violation of the Land Development Regulation Section 7.11.00 and Sub-section 7.11.01, which state:

Nuisance: The term nuisance shall mean any of the following:
  • Any accumulation of rubbish, trash, junk, and other abandoned materials.
  • Any excessive accumulation of untended growth of weeds, undergrowth, or other dead or living plant life upon a parcel of land, developed and not in a natural state.
  • Any grass, underbrush, or weeds which exceed 12 inches in height.
  • Any unsafe dwelling, structure, or boat dock/pier .
  • Unsheltered storage for a period of thirty (30) days or more within the corporate limits of this city of vehicles, boats, machinery, implements, or equipment or personal property of any kind.
  • All disagreeable or obnoxious odors and stenches.
  • Any of the conditions that occurs or exists in or upon any structure, lot, tract, or parcel in the City to an extent that may reasonably cause to be infested with or inhabited by rodents, vermin, reptiles, or wild animals.
  • The unsheltered storage of any vehicle, boat, or parts thereof, without a valid license plate.
  • Any vehicles undergoing repairs of duration of more than seventy-two (72) hours must be stored and repaired out of sight of the general public and not in the front yard of the residence or property.
  • Any dead or dying trees of any height within the proximity of another's property of another person by falling over or dropping over.
  • Un-allowed operation of vehicles on the beach
  • Soliciting, Collecting, etc., upon streets.
  • Fish cleaning, swimming, diving restricted.
  • Un-allowed use of Fireworks.
  • Sleeping on municipal beaches in the nighttime prohibited.
  • No person shall stage, promote, conduct, or manage either as owner, principal entertainer, or entrepreneur, within the City of Mexico Beach, a musical or entertainment festival unless he shall first secure from the City Administrator a special entertainment permit for such festival.

Complaints / Additional Information
If you have found one of these violations, please file a complaint. For additional information, please refer to the City of Mexico Beach Code of Ordinances.