Building Department

The City of Mexico Beach building department receives applications for building permits and development orders, reviews plans for building code compliance, and issues building permits for construction. The building department is also responsible for providing inspections and issuing certificates of occupancy upon completion of construction. The building department also provides fire and life safety inspections for both new and existing buildings.

Existing Residences: If you are planning on constructing an addition to an existing residence you must submit a development order. Additions must comply with all Florida Building Code and Mexico Beach Land Development Regulations. Impact fees may apply if additional water and sewer fixtures are being added.

If you are planning to remodel the interior of an existing home or convert a garage into additional living space, you must submit a permit application.

Accessory Uses, Buildings or Structures: If you would like to construct an accessory building, such as a shed or carport, you will need to consider regulations in the Land Development Regulations.

You will need a site plan, building plan, tie down details, and must be DCA approved.

If 10' X10' or less, you will need a basic development order but no permit application is required. If larger than 10' X 10' you will need to submit a permit application.

To save time, you can print and complete your application forms before contacting the Building Department.

Contact Info
The Building Department is located at Mexico Beach City Hall, 114 N. 22nd Street, Mexico Beach.
Phone: (850) 648-2033
Fax: (850) 648-8768

Monday - Friday
7:30 am to 12:00 pm

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